Andreas Feininger

Photographer Dennis Stock holding camera to his face in such a way that the lens and viewfinder appear to be his eyes. 1951.

© Andreas Feininger/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images


Max Scheler

Ruhpolding, Germany, 1958. by elnika2007

Los Angeles, 1961. via atomic-annhilation

German Navy with the first foreign training in the USA after WW2 with Ship Zerstörer Z1. Norfork, Virginia, 1958. via Red Box

Martin Luther King and his family on a sunday walk, Atlanta, 1964. via Red Box

American troops landed and supplied carriers to the Island of Taiwan, 1958. via Red Box

John F. Kennefy and Jacqueline Kennedy, Washington, 1963. via Red Box

Romy Schneider, Venice 1957 via Art Blart

1952. via arttattler

© Max Scheler


Flower Power

An American young girl, Jan Rose KASMIR, confronts the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during the 1967 anti-Vietnam march. Washington DC, 1967. (Marc Riboud/Magnum Photos)


Cecil Beaton

Princess Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, 1945

Queen Elizabeth II in Coronation robes, June 1953

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Andrew, 1960

© Cecil Beaton / V&A Images
via Londonist