Liborio Noval

Fidel Castro, Havana, Cuba, 2001 via Cubadebate

November 27, 1960 via Cubadebate

December 7, 1961 via Cubadebate

Ché Guevara, Havana, January 2, 1964 via Público.es

Cuba, 1960-1962 via mtw-usa.com

December 22, 1961 via maestrathefilm.org

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Moneta Sleet Jr

Coretta Scott King, with her daughter, Bernice, attends the funeral of her husband, Martin Luther King Jr., on April 9, 1968.

via The Washington Post
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Cecil Beaton

A portrait of the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit of their No 149 Squadron Wellington bomber, probably at RAF Mildenhall in 1941. (IWM)

The rear gunner in his position in a Wellington bomber. (IWM)

The navigator working at his chart table in a Wellington bomber. (IWM)

The western bell towers of St Paul's Cathedral in London seen through an archway after the heavy incendiary raid of 29 December 1940. (IWM)

Chinese troops practising a march past at the Chinese Military Academy at Chengtu. (IWM)

Two Chinese soldiers wearing gas masks at Pihu Military Training Centre in south eastern China, 1944. (IWM)

Winston Churchill at his seat in the Cabinet Room at No 10 Downing Street, London. (IWM)

Cecil Beaton (in civilian suit) and his Rolleiflex reflected in a mirror of the Jain temple, Calcutta, India. (IWM)

© Cecil Beaton / Imperial War Museum


Bob Willoughby

Audrey Hepburn getting into car, Paramount Studios, 1953 via Modaspot.com

Audrey Hepburn visits her pet deer Ip on the set of Green Mansions, 1958 via theplace.ru

Billie Holiday, The Tiffany Club, Los Angeles, 1951 via Jazz in PhOto

Marilyn Monroe lost in her own thoughts, sits on the set of Let's Make Love, 1960 via Tara Hanks

© Bob Willoughby (Wikipedia/Flickr)