Danny Lyon

Manhattan Bridge Tower in Brooklyn, New York City, June 1974

Gaede's Wrecking Yard, April 1972

Armijo Community Center, El Paso, July 1972

Two Youths in Uptown, Chicago, Illinois, August 1974

Teenager in Second Ward Neighborhood, El Paso, June 1972

Albuquerque Speedway Park, New Mexico

Teenagers of the Second Ward, the Spanish-Speaking Section of El Paso, June 1972

Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, June 1972

Stanton Street in the Second Ward, El Paso, June 1972

El Paso, June 1972

Automobile in the El Paso's Second Ward Neighborhood, June 1972

Asarco Smelter Works near the U.S.-Mexican Border

Rio Rancho Estates Subdivision, Bernalillo county, New Mexico, June 1972

Three Young Girls on Bond Street in Brooklyn, July 1974

Three Boys and "A Train" Graffiti in Brooklyn's Lynch Park in New York City, June 1974

Man Working on Car in Hell's Kitchen, New York City, June 1974

Building Detail of the RKO Bushwick Theater in Brooklyn, July 1974

Puerto Rican Boys Playing Softball in Brooklyn's Hiland Park, July 1974

Two Black Youths and a Dog in Paterson, New Jersey, June 1974

Sports Heroes Are the Motifs in These Wall Paintings on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, July 1974

Midtown Skyline of New York City Seen From Queens, August 1974

via The U.S. National Archives and Records Flickr Stream