Ken Heyman

Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, 1957.

At the Columbia College football field, lovers huddled under bunting. 1974.

Children in Bali, who had never seen photographs before, recognized relatives in pictures taken 17 years earlier. 1974.

An adult education class in Peru, 1965.

In Israel, Orthodox Jewish men danced together. 1973.

Relaxing in Hyde Park, London. 1983.

The white gang was confronting the black man, who had knocked over the child of the screaming woman. 1959.

Taken through a car window while on assignment for Esquire in Nigeria. 1959.

Cover photograph for the book "Hipshot". 1988.

In Raffa, Sicily, on an anthropological field trip with Margaret Mead. 1968.

Daughters of American airmen stationed in Seville, Spain. 1971.

Lima, Peru, 1964.

Elizabeth Taylor. 1968.

Leonard Bernstein. 1967.

Trying to get a better view of President John F. Kennedy's burial at Arlington National Cemetery. 1963.

Andy Warhol posed through a silk screen for the book "Pop Art". 1961.

© Ken Heyman
Source: Bigpicture.ruNew York Times