Eduard Spelterini

The necropolis ("city of the dead"), Cairo, Egypt. Jan 30, 1904.

The Al Ashraf mosque (center) and the Al Barkuk mosque (right) near Cairo, Egypt. Jan 30, 1904.

View of Cairo, Egypt looking towards the Moccatam mountains. Jan 30, 1904.

View of Cairo, Egypt. Photographed from a balloon from about 800 metres above ground. Jan 30, 1904.

The Azbakeya garden in Cairo, Egypt, Jan 30, 1904.

Blüemlisalp seen from a balloon at about 4600m above sea level. View towards the south. circa Oct 1908.

The peak of the Brienzer Rothorn, a mountain in the Swiss Alps, Aug 29, 1912.

Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps. Sept 20, 1904.

Aerial view of an alpine lake and mountains in Switzerland. Ortstock or Silberstock in the center, to its left Höch Turm, to its right Jägernstöcke. Aug 29, 1912.

View of the Limmat river and the inner city of Zürich, Switzerland.

Aerial view of mountains in the Swiss alps. Aug 29, 1912.

The Tivoli gardens at Copenhagen, June 22, 1922.

Pyramids of Gizah, Egypt. Nov 21, 1904.

Eduard Spelterini with his balloon Stella at the station "Eigergletscher" of the Kleine Scheidegg, in 1904.