Robert Capa Part 8

Pablo Picasso in his studio at the Rue des Grands-Augustins, Paris.
September 2, 1944.

American soldier (left) interrogating an Italian prisoner of war.
March 1943.

Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot and Picasso's nephew, Javier Vilato.
Golfe-Juan, France, August 1948.

Pablo Picasso with his son Claude.
Golfe-Juan, France, August 1948.

Hankou, China, 1938.

Ernest Hemingway.
Sun Valley, Idaho, USA. October 1941.

Taierchwang, China, April 1938.

Along the road from Namdinh to Thaibinh.
Indochina, May 25, 1954.

© Robert Capa / International Center of Photography / Magnum Photos
Source: aphoto.com.cn